''We've partnered with major figures in Slovenia's electronic waste sector to rEgenerate

End-Of-Life Li-ion batteries.

Our process involves dismantling these batteries down to individual cells. Then, using semi-automated technology, we integrate them into an energy-efficient prototype device, powered by open-source hardware code. Our simple and easy-to-use web interface regenerates these cells, preparing them for a safe second life in new, Circular Economy-oriented products.

By rEgenerating each lithium-ion cell and reusing it, we cut down the carbon footprint by 6.3 kg

Per one lithium-ion battery cell.''

We are a team of friends specialized in our respective fields, especially electrical engineering, robotics, hardware, and software oriented, but we are also able to look into new and unknown.

And we love to play with batteries.

Especially with End-Of-Life lithium-ion batteries.

We are an open-minded team with a "No limit." philosophy in technology.

Focused on good social relations.

We understand that strong social connections can bring positive change.

Carbon-ZERO Power Banks

Showcase of Circular Economy in practice!

a usb - c to usb - c cableless devicea usb - c to usb - c cableless device
worm's-eye view photography of concrete buildingworm's-eye view photography of concrete building
rEgenerating and rEmanufacturing

rEgenerating and remanufacturing End-Of-Life lithium-ion batteries for safe use in battery-powered devices.

Developing Advanced Solutions for rEusing E-Waste in New Products

Innovative Solutions | Transforming E-Waste into New Product Resources

''At REUSABLE TECHNOLOGIES®, we believe in a future where battery efficiency doesn't compromise the health of our planet.

Sustainability shouldn't carry a premium price tag.

Our batteries are sustainable and Carbon-ZERO from the start.

We've meticulously analyzed our manufacturing processes to achieve this vision.

Our commitment extends to using 100% renewable energy for cell production, enhancing process efficiency through innovative design, and pioneering a battery regenerating program.

This reduces reliance on mining and conserves precious resources, setting a new standard for the industry.''

We are fulfiling 6 UN Sustainable Goals.

''The more companies will meet UN goals, the better world we will live in.'' - https://sdgs.un.org/goals

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Podbreznik 15, 8000 Novo mesto, Slovenia

Carbon-ZERO Batteries Plant Slovenia